Latest News 30/06/16

The exciting news is that we are working hard to get our chocolates distributed and stocked in real physical stores and online retailers in the USA and throughput Europe. This will enable us to provide a much better service to our customers outside the UK with better prices and faster shipping.

Due to the amount of work involved to make this happen, for the next few months we will be handing over online sales to our existing partners.


We are very excited about the future and can’t wait to have our chocolates stocked in stores on the other side of the Atlantic, and English Channel. We know due to the many requests we receive, that this is what the world needs and wants, so please hang in there…the revolution WILL be anus shaped!


All press and wholesale enquiries please email -

Edible Anus has already been championed by the likes of the Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, The Metro, Steve Aoki, Stephen Fry and more.

"with such a unique gift idea & the great service you've shown, you can be sure I will be promoting the chocolate anus the world over!"
Ana Matronic - Scissor Sisters

“They’re fab – I want to get my hands on some more!”
Graham Norton

“That's right, fine Belgian chocolate made in the shape of an asshole. Eat it!”
Perez Hilton

‘Edible Anus Chocolates - World's Most Unique Gift Idea! They would make the PERFECT gift for your proctocologist.’
Kristie Leong M.D.

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