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Anus Ale

Why the Anus?

A top quality pale ale that can set aside cultural boundaries of age, race, gender, and class.

We’ve all got one and they are all different.

A beer to encourage the single, double, and even quadruple entendre. Bottoms up!

C. Brian Smith of wrote the best description of what we do…

“Captain Mango likens it to Carl Jung’s theory of the “shadow,” the portion of our personality that through the course of our life, is relegated to the darkness of the unconscious. “A lot of times, the shadow is something you’re ashamed of and want to ignore,” expounds Robin Robertson, a 74-year-old Jungian-oriented clinical psychologist in L.A. who tells me that the shadow is often the best part of us that we hadn’t realized was there. From early childhood we’re taught that the anal area is “dirty” and “private,” agrees Shawn DeGraw, a 23-year-old animator I meet on the Jung subreddit. “I see a molding like this to be embracing a bodily feature not often appreciated but vital for life.”

“We’re democratizing the anus”

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