do-gooders (plural noun) – a well-meaning but unrealistic or interfering philanthropist or reformer.

We have always believed the chocolate anus is a gift to the world. Although it may look little more than a mouthful, in truth, it’s bigger than any of us can imagine! The reach and depth of the Edible Anus, and what it represents, go far beyond a chocolate novelty. The Anus has it’s roots in the very fabric of society. “We’ve all got one and they are all different” is a call to acceptance, a call to brother and sisterhood. A call to the human family. No matter where you are from, how you look…be you rich or poor, any gender, sexual orientation…we all find a baseline with the anus. So pay attention because that’s a beautiful thing!

What we sponsor

We’ve loved getting involved with the Wenlock Arms FC, making art, and sponsoring a literature art & philosophy podcast. All chosen for their uniqueness, and core values that embody the breadth of the human spirit. It also helps if you are the pub football team of Captain Mango’s local in North London.

The Wenlock FC recently participated in the upcoming National Geographic documentary titled “Above Europe”. This documentary showcases the dedication put into grassroots football, and the Wenlock were chosen by Hackney and Leyton to represent the league. The documentary features an insightful interview with Darren and impressive in-game performance by Joe. We eagerly await the release of the documentary in the near future.

What’s in it for you?

In 2024 we will be giving everybody free access to a reading room via this website. Great works of literature will be discussed in detail by the Truncata Pocdcast. Do you want to be educated on 4 essential contemporary works of literature? Can’t be bothered to actually read the books? You’ve come to the right place! Just sit back, relax, and listen to the wise folks at Truncata podcast doing the hard work for you…and then impress your friends with a new found knowledge.

Please visit Truncata podcast for the FREE Cormac McCarthy ‘Blood Meridian’ series. Truncata Podcast – reading room coming soon. 

The Wenlock Arms Pub (North London)

The Wenlock Arms FC on Instagram – The Wenlock Arms FC Representing England in the inner city world cup 2022 – Sponsored by Anus Ale

The Wenlock Arms FC
National Geographic Documentary
Cormac McCarthy - Blood Meridian