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The perfect romantic gift for lovers.
Burning Love scented candles

Burning Love scented candles


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Fire your desire. Hot and sexy scented candles, for that special someone. Six rainbow-coloured anus shaped candles with romantic scents. Includes Midnight Blue, Mint Oil, Egyptian Musk, French Rouge, Pina Colada and Passion Fruit.

4hr burn time for a long even burn and maximum scent release.

Fire your desire. Hot and sexy. Not suitable for S&M play.

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Six rainbow-coloured anus candles with romantic scents. Our Burning Love scented candles include Midnight Blue, Mint Oil, Egyptian Musk, French Rouge, Pina Colada and Passion Fruit.

Imagine the sun pressing below the horizon to reveal a warm glow of dappled light streaming in through the window. Fire your desire, and spark the imagination with one or more of our comforting yet exhilarating anus shaped scented candles. Embrace the sublime and create an uplifting atmosphere especially suited to the living room, bedroom and bathroom. 4hr burn time for a long even burn, and maximum scent release.

Steal yourself to the sublime

The ancient scholar Longinus described the sublime as a moment of evasion from reality. Additionally, he believed the sublime could model our souls, and that a soul could pour itself out into a work of art.

The sublime leads the viewer not to persuasion, but to ecstasy. Longinus stresses that transgressive artists are not necessarily shameless fools, even if they take risks that seem “bold, lawless, and original”. Complete liberty promotes spirit and hope.

We poured scented wax into a mould of an anus, so you can experience this wonderous state of the sublime. If that alone doesn’t get you there, double up with our world renowned chocolate anus. Sight, touch, taste, and smell, the rest is up to you!

“And so these parties divided upon that midnight plain, each passing back the way the other had come, pursuing as all travellers must, inversions without end upon other men’s journeys.” – Cormac McCarthy

Fire your desire and sense the ecstatic, with these bold, hot, and sexy scented candles. Our Burning Love candles are not suitable for S&M play.

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